Here’s How You Should Weed Those Negatives Before You Begin to Manifest Desires

To manifest desires into your life, first you have to get rid of the thought patterns your mind is swamped with on a daily basis. Each and every one of us has been conditioned and programmed from a very early age to live according to the environment we were born into.

Therefore if we had been born into a bad area and surrounded by people that were bad, then our thoughts naturally matched those of the people and circumstances we were brought up in. This means we limit ourselves to the level of existence of and seldom ever venture from those boundaries that are limited because when we do it feels uncomfortable and scary. Instead of stepping to the relative unknown, before we step back into our comfort zone.

So we must weed those negatives in the garden of our thoughts if we are to make any progress in life and manifest desires we’ve always had.

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How do you weed negatives?

Fantastic question. There are a few good techniques which you can use to weed negatives and I will explain them to you now but keep in mind for you to successfully weed those negatives and clean them from your mind, you must be dedicated to the task. You expect instant results, as you’ll be disappointed and can not only do it for 1 week. It’ll be gradual, and you will see results but not ones that are huge so keep that in mind before you begin.

Technique 1 dismissal. In this technique what you do is, as soon as you end up thinking a negative thought, dismiss it IMMEDIATELY! Your mind is full of pre-programmed negative thoughts and throughout your day there will be many a time where you will have to stop the flow and get rid of the thought. For example, you’re standing in a queue in the store and for some reason, it’s taking longer than normal after that thought starts”oh man, this is taking ages, rush. . Throw it away and consider something productive.

Technique 2: Replace it with it’s opposite. Remember that when you use these techniques, you have to have agreed to observe yourself when they pop up and plan to feel and to see these ideas. A negative pops into your mind, replace it instantly with a positive thought or the negative’s exact opposite. By way of example, you have an interview tomorrow and you are thinking”I just know something is going to go wrong… oops, everything’s going to go really well and I will get the job” Stop it, replace it and feel good as opposed. Simple. Try it and do it and thinking positively will become your habit.

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